Why The F*** Can't I Write?

     Why the f*** can't I write? I’m overwhelmed by my thoughts yet they’re so tough to describe. Doing my best to look within, feels like there’s nothing inside.

 I want to scream, that would help what exactly? Am I losing touch with the gift I had a love for rapping? So much going through my head and somehow nothing happens. I’m on a quest to be somebody that no one imagined. Some thoughts I’m having trouble understanding. I’m quarantined yet somehow feeling like I’m stuck in transit. 

I’m playing tug of war, trying to get my point across. Always been the type to call it before the coin is tossed. Tails, I’ve got no clue where my head is at. I once wrote to myself and he even wrote me a letter back. I almost miss being depressed, at least I knew how I felt. Back when I needed to write because I knew it would help. I used to process my pain and make thoughts clear through my verses. I saved my life with the pen like I’m severely allergic.

Lost in a-maze as I try to explore the depths of my mind. Overall my heart is full but I feel empty at times. Can’t put my finger on it, I just feel like something’s wrong. Cause if I don’t really write, then am I really even Shaun?

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