I Wrote This Months Ago

What to write? Guess I’ll just speak from the heart. I was worried bout where to go when I just needed to start. One step to another. With every step I’m repping my mother- and father. I remember that and want to go harder.


Watching Inventing Anna as I create myself. When I pull up to shoot my shot, I know that spacing helps. Run my race and pace myself. Watched the Kanye doc and realized that I’ve gotta tape myself. A genius at work, I’m streaming this verse. Straight from my consciousness, so you can hear my dreams in these words. I’m wide awake, putting in the time it takes. Gotta be consistent cause I know I can be kinda great. Actually I’m dozing off, while chasing my dreams. Time’s incomprehensible, it ain’t as late as it seems. 3am and I’m fighting sleep with these punchlines. I’m hoping that I make it to sleep before sun shines. The unsigned who hands out food for thought in a lunch line. I know there’s plenty blessings to be claimed and I want mine.


Watching the Kanye documentary while sharpening my tendencies. Sometimes I forget there’s people starting to remember me. Having talks with God ‘bout being smarter with my energy. Gotta respect myself, check myself, and protect myself. Remember days I stressed myself over how my depression felt. Wrote verses full of pain my creative writing professor felt. Fell in love with the pen cause I loved the way the expression helped. The pressure of patience when destined for greatness. I’m trying to treat failure like we were never acquainted, cause I know that I’m meant to win just like the Jets did with Namath. I’m writing this from Broadway, right inside the hallway. Working on a movie so I be on set like all day. Onset, it’s just the beginning. I’m on the cusp of this winning. I think I’m learning how to trust my decisions. Yet cautiously moving, cause haste is how a process gets ruined. I started a movement off chasing what I started pursuing.

Starting to catch up because I mustered the courage. Gone are the days where I was flustered, discouraged. So you can trust that I'll flourish.


I been waiting on my moment, now it’s gimme time. It’s only right that I blow up because the city’s Mine.


I’m en route to The Garden to catch the Knicks and the Bulls. Knowing Alec is starting, these triggers Quickley get pulled. These shots fire as I take my thoughts higher and I’m bound to get the job done so I’m a smart hire. I could take this in a couple directions, the subtlest flexing. But humble reception has always seemed to double my blessing. The son of some legends, I wrote this line and wanted to text them.


You make me feel the way my mom does. And there ain’t nothing like my mom’s love. And now you’re someone that my mom loves. To be honest that’s beyond love.

You help me understand a love that most have never seen. For that and more my love for you is Evergreen.



I Wrote Weeks Ago


Was missing a couple muses, I hate we ain’t stay in touch more. Ain’t it ironic that you gotta be patient to get to Rushmore? Mountains I’ll climb without a doubt in my mind. Approaching realities I’ve prayed for thousands of times as I’m navigating a way to find a route through my rhymes.


I know the journey’s everlasting, so I pray for endurance. I tried to call my therapist but they don’t take my insurance. No longer in dire straits, but can’t get lost in my blessings. I was just longing for a space to clear my thoughts and assess em. They’re often incessant but I don’t get to talk and address em.

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