Headed Home

I’m on this Roman layover about to start the day over. Happy birthday to Jaiwon, bro we’re getting way older. That’s a time stamp, this life’s the greatest story ever told. As we grow to be washed I’m thankful for the friends that Never Fold. That’s worth its weight in gold. Not everything can last, that’s just the way it goes. Jotting down my live thoughts and trying to find the way it flows. One more flight, I find myself so excited to make it home. I dreaded this before we left, my situation’s less than ideal. Feared this trip would accentuate the depression I feel. I’m 10 toes I can’t front, it’s been a blessing to heal.


In this moment I’m declaring that depression has unhanded me. I’m blessed to have my sanity. I’m blessed to have my family, ability and freedom to express myself this candidly. God bless who’s understanding me, a writer’s main desire. I truly do believe there ain’t a mind I can’t inspire.

Flying back through time, tryna capture rhymes. Way I rap these lines, I’m a mastermind. Stepping cause I’m bound to blow up, I’m coming back for mine. I shuffle my thoughts tryna think of em right. Got “Chai” by Noelle on repeat on this flight. I’ve never listened to it only once. The execution on this song is like a hole-in-one. Somewhere between the vocals and the sound of the beat, I guess it’s safe to say she got it down to a “tea”. One of the best ever in my honest opinion. I get a rush of nostalgia as the song is beginning. Then start it over again cause I get lost in the ending. So calming and soothing it feels like I’m healing. I hope to make music elicit this feeling. We all endure our ups and downs, to neglect them is foolish. I just hope to write the verse you use to help you get through it.


The darkest hour of the night comes just before the dawn. I harness power as I write to show there’s more to Shaun. The greatest beauty in a dream is you can make it true. I vocalize my lows to show you what I’ve made it through. I understand before it gets good, sometimes it’s gotta go bad. Heart on my sleeve, the safest place to bleed, inside my notepad. There’s joy in the journey and beauty in the battle scars. When the answer’s in you, you don’t have to travel far. Still I took a trip with timing as divine as can be. At first I didn’t get why children were admiring me. But as they swarmed me with smiles it became as clear as can be. Aura’s universal, they can feel the spirit in me. I’m getting closer, as the vision zooms. Broward Baby in Egyptian tombs. They showed me love, though they could barely understand me. The old man kept telling me I was the Pharaoh Ramses. A King confirmed. Was wondering when it would be My Turn. I now understand that I’m chosen, you see? Word to Lil Baby, It’s Only Me. And it’s only you, just have to do what you’re chosen to do. Treat your dreams like they’re supposed to come true. Believe in yourself cause you know that you’re you. Let that mean something, you might be impressed with the shift that you can see. Every day we’re blessed with the gift of an opportunity. When I realize what I’m granted, I ain’t take it (for) since. I watched my brother make a kid’s day with 80 cents. Dad gave a kid a hundred pounds, equivalent of 4 dollars. He immediately reacted like he put him through college. The firsthand of the third world refreshed my perspective. We live on a different scale, I’m even blessed for my stresses. The lesson’s prophetic. I was put here to send you this message. And plenty others, I’ve just gotta do my best to protect it. I’m Possible and I mean it, this process been kinda scenic. I’m getting closer to God and it’s conquering all my demons. This trip was an exploration that was written aloud. I’m coming home with the faith I’m gonna figure it out.

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