Chasing The Sun

I’m chasing the sun, I’m up before the day has begun. I’m trying to capture the story of the greatness to come. In real time. I don’t even think, I feel rhymes. I strive to write the verse from the heart that can heal minds. And honestly in the process I’m hoping to heal mine. This is my therapy. I’m seeing things I thought I would never see. Felt Nefertiti whisper in my ear as a desert breeze. She told me not to fret cause better days are ahead of me. I’m working on being present in moments that passed me by. And although it seems quite oxymoronic I have to try. A couple moments I’ve been overwhelmed, I was sad and crying. I’ve really been going through it, I’m sorry I’m bad replying. It feels like I’m playing catch up, and losing terribly. I pause to pick up the pen, I could use the therapy.


I’m trying to speak in a way that you can best understand me. Reporting live from the Temple of Ramses. Taking pictures on the steps with my family. I wonder what’ll be the verse to get me a Grammy. That’s an intrusive thought. I start to dream and then get lucid lost. I’m taking steps toward a path that very few have walked. I take a breath and then I ask when does the future start? Patience is key. I’m only waiting for me. I look within and ask myself “how great you will be?”


Play your cards right. You’re either all in or bluffing. Like the persistent solicitors that keep on calling me cousin. I tune it out and keep it moving, guess that’s kind of a mantra. Anything that bothers me I really try not to bother. Life is full of choices, I’m just trying to make the wiser ones. Shane and I are quite convinced that Cairo has a brighter sun. I know it’s the same one, it’s just this light’s a different lore. I can’t explain it, I’ve just never seen it shine like this before. Been stressing under the pressure, guess it has to be this way. As a refresher I restarted “The Alchemist” today. I’d forgotten Santiago’s treasure search lead to the Pyramids. And that gave me a deeper understanding of my experience. What’s a dream until it’s realized? I want everything I want to be in real life. I know that I’m on my way and that there’s joy in the journey. But at the same time it’s been full of toil and it’s hurting. I’m on the horizon. I’ve gotta look ahead, not behind. The struggles of my reality are pressed in my mind. For many years I heard my calling and was pressing decline. But I realize my treasure’s in me and I’m destined to shine. I understand I’m special and he’s blessed me with my demeanor. I want people to love me like Messi in Argentina. I know that God is on my side and so I have to do well. I wrote this about my journey out to Abu Simbel. And as I gazed upon the temples just so massive in structure, I thank God he brought me here with my mom, dad, and my brother.

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  • Excellence, as expected. Amazing, as intended. 🥹🔥🔥


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