Birthday Performance

Batter up and I’m due like the rent, and I shoot like-

Batter up and I’m due like the rent, and I shoot like-


Batter up and I’m due like the rent, and I shoot like Durant. Chose to start here cause I knew this my chance. Now I’m on stage and I’m doing my dance.

I guess it’s my birthday, not stressing this wordplay. It’s Saturday I wrote this message on Thursday. I’m bout to drop a collection of verses. Can’t wait to cop her collections of purses. Simply fulfilling my destiny’s purpose. I healed but sometimes I reflect and get nervous.


I avoid the word episode, the tongue is mighty powerful. Verses speak for everyone, they know I got that “our” flow. That took a split to get it, oh wait a second I skipped the minutes. In my head tossing punchlines, this bout a split decision. A quick description, entangled in entendre. Came to depict a vision but I’d hate to be a bother.


Then I respond to myself,

like “Bro don’t mention it.” I feed off putting pictures together, photosynthesis. My mother always knew her son was a light. And to prove she wasn’t wrong I’ve always wanted to write. Married to the pen, she been the love of my life. As long as I live, I’ma feel the love from tonight. Loyalty and love, in moments they’re the same thing. Rob Stark, before I reached the Landing, I became King.


Honestly I’m focused on a shift. Wholesome as it gets. In the strip club posted with a Knick, and I ain’t even post up any pics.

I’m kinda just adjusting to my life. Trying to put trust in what I write, never bluffing on the mic.

Went to Vegas and starred at the summer league. ESPN cameras falling in love with me.

Smart kid but I’m getting more-on. They let me in the game, I’m kicking in the door strong. Barry in the field, I'm just out here building more bonds. And I’ll be milking this momentum til it’s all gone.

My philosophy is velocity. So I’m approaching all that’s in front of me with ferocity. Far from complacent. A star in the making who’s starving to make it. Watch in awe & amazement as I start from the basement. These bars are the basics. Soon they’ll see I’ve always been the one, just got lost in the matrix.

Mommy always said I was special, I ain’t see it before. Out in Madison Square Garden with my feet on the floor. You’re in your moment even when you aren’t aware that you are. When the lights shining on you, hard not to feel like a star. Courtside conversations with the constellations. Life is all a balance, found the time then I lost the patience. Talked to God and he told me that I’m the chosen type. And that there ain’t no protocol for the prototype. Positive Passages focusing on the pros in life. You see me writing my story, that’s the prose in life. Entangled in entendre again, I had to show it twice. You tend to answer questions with confidence when you know you’re right. So let me ask the people if just put on a show tonight.


My commitment is to the pen, I’ve gotta give it my heart. To truly capture my story, gotta give em the arc. Like they can’t shoot. Let it sink in your head like some Cantu. Through he who strengthens me, there isn’t anything I can’t do. Example: Magic, I get Penny with the the handle. And give my Heartaway through all these melodies and samples.

Like food courts. Goal’s to get my lyrics on your mood board. Been overthinking timing, it’s just time to get a move on. Standing in the mirror, I’m like what you boutta do Shaun? While looking past the fact that I’ve been asking that for too long.

I know that I need it and I won’t get it waiting. Kenny said I’m the Stephen A of our generation. But I’m staying Relaxed. Arrogant Tae how I’m laying these tracks. Humble in hubris, just stating the facts. This just the beginning, I’m praying it lasts. I hope when you hear this you play it right back. I done seen grown men act ways that I had- to thank The Lord I was raised by my dad. And raised by my mom. Used to think Shaun, you’re taking too long. It’s on you, they’ve clearly relayed the baton. So much to do but man look what I’ve done. Be you, there’s no telling what you’ll become. Living room TV, they’re watching their son. That’s when I realized I’ve started my run.



If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading! You're greatly appreciated and I intend to share more of my writing here. Also, tee shirts and "Positive Thinking Caps" are now available in the shop! Get yours today!


  • Very substantial. Proud of you brother 🙏🏾

  • The lyrical artillery is still full. You’re amazing at this. A flower growing in great soil. Keep writing. 💕 – SS

    S S

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